Having a Forno Classico Napoli Famiglia Wood / Gas pizza oven in your home is the start of a new lifestyle. A Forno Classico in your yard or garden will bring your friends and family together while getting you outside in all seasons. Cooking in these ovens forces you to slow down, to reconnect with food and work with the fire and nature. The cooking experience becomes a truly wonderful experience each time you use the oven. You will learn traditional cooking styles, add new flavors to dishes and change the way you think about food forever. And make great pizza while doing it. Forno Classico wood fired brick ovens are about more than just pizza, even if they are commonly called pizza ovens. They are as versatile as any kitchen oven, and do so much more. Not only can they bake breads, turn out golden vegetables.


Fast Cooking Temperature

Low dome design requires only one minute to cook

Gas Efficiency

Only 65.000 BTU required to reach 1000 degrees

Building With Natural Product

We use all natural products in the building of our ovens

Water Approved

Design and Listed for indoor and outdoor installation


Superior insulating materials used to create excellent performance

No Electricity Required

Our oven can be installed without any electricity

All Natural Fire Brick

We use natural firebrick to build our ovens because it provides the most efficient heating

Use Wood And Gas Combo

Our hybrid design allows use of both wood and gas for maximum performance

 Forno Classico Will Bring Your Friends And Family Together

performance elegance

italian design











  • Hand Made All Refractory Fire Clay Brick Oven

  • Hand Built Brick Low Dome Ideal For Napoletana Pizza

  • Every Brick Custom Cut

  • Keystone Construction For Ultimate Stability and Strength

  • 3″ Custom Refractory Fire Clay Brik Cast Cooking Floor

  • 5″ Dome Thickness Fire  Brick

  • High Aluminate Content for Optimum Cooking Characteristic

  • Cooking Floor 6” Rigid Insulation

  • No Molded Cement Elements

  • Stainless Steel Chimney

  • Oven Temperature 900-1200+ F.

  • 2″ Steel Reinforced Concrete Oven Base

  • 6″ State of the Art Refractory Insulation over the Dome and Base

  • Granite Hearth

  • Steel Door with Thermometer


The Forno Classico Napoli Famiglia Wood / Gas pizza oven is better because with our custom hand built all fire brick ovens, you can cook at high temperatures – 1000 degrees if you want – the signature of our custom hand built brick oven made in the Italian tradition of wood fired ovens.

Heat from the wood fire radiates across the floor and oven walls and finally up to the brick dome where the heat is absorbed creating an even temperature of up to 1000 degrees and more if you want. Once the dome reaches such temperatures the oven floor maintains somewhat cooler temperatures in the 700-800 degree range. These high temperatures cook pizza quickly – one to two minutes – resulting in a superior crisp top crust and a tasty somewhat puffed bottom crust that is soft and chewy and never soggy. The signature smokey taste imparted by the wood fire is one of the most important attributes of the wood fired oven and can never be duplicated in a conventional oven. Crispier vegetable toppings and a smokey, flavorful bubbling cheese topping with just a hint of browning are the hallmark of our wood fired brick pizza ovens.

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perfect for variety of food

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oven dimensions and food capacity
  • Cooking Floor Dimension: 26”x30” inches
  • External Size: 36″ x 44”
  • Weight: 1,000 lbs.

  • Cooking Floor Dimension: 32  inches Round
  • External Size: 43.1/2″ x  55”
  • Weight: 1,300 lbs 
  • Cooking Floor Dimension: 40  inches Round
  • External Size: 56” x 60”
  • Weight: 2,000 lbs.
Stucco finish colors 
Terra Cotta

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Prices and Specifications
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From Our Clients
 Forno Classico, makes a wonderful oven, perhaps the best oven. He delivered it to Santa Barbara with a crane. His oven is a work of art, but also a workhorse, too. We have fired it over 100 times, with hundreds of guests enjoying good food and the pleasure of hand made pizza pies.

Frank & Allison Paulino

I purchased a Napoli 80 wood fired pizza oven from Giuseppe last year and it was one of the best decisions of my life. It is not only a magnificent technological marvel, making pizza just like my family and I remember from living in Italy, but it is a gorgeous work of art. Every time I catch a glimpse of it, it takes my breath away. Grazie mille, Giuseppe! Fabian Biancardi

Purchase my oven more than 5 years ago. I use it all of the time. A very discriminating friend who spends much time in Italy says that I make the best pizza he had tasted outside of Italy! Besides this, meats, bread and even baked oysters! Amazing piece of artwork! But the best part is that it brings family and friends together! Everyone want to come to have pizza with me. If you are considering an oven, Forno Classico has no rival, and I shopped far and wide! Bill Toth

We love our Forno Classico wood fired oven! It heats up quickly and easily without a lot of wood and makes the best pizzas ever. Guiseppe was easy to work with and helped us select just what we wanted. It is a wonderful addition to our outdoor kitchen. We’ve made many other meals in it besides pizza and calzone and look forward to trying more. I am thrilled with the thought of baking my sourdough breads in this oven. Marion Toms


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