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Forno Classico brick ovens. Forno Classico’s Studio Factory, located in beautiful Santa Barbara, has specialized in handmade brick Italian pizza ovens since 2008. We produce custom built pizza brick ovens incorporating authentic Italian design found in pizza ovens well-known throughout Italy. Our full line of brick pizza ovens are built around the company’s original design, the Forno Classico Cupola, created, designed, and handmade by our founder Giuseppe Crisa.

Forno Classico pizza ovens are unparalleled in their ability to provide a distinct high temperature control between the brick dome and oven floor to create perfection in cooking performance. Our hand-built brick Italian pizza ovens use gas, wood, or a hybrid of both for all your residential and commercial kitchen needs.

Brick Pizza Ovens
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Italian  engineering + California Made 

Our clients select a Forno Classico Studio Factory pizza oven because they know our ovens marry traditional building techniques with modern engineering to create a meticulously handcrafted pizza oven.

Forno Classico is proud of our long history to provide superior pizza ovens for our residential customers as well as for restaurants, schools, hotels, and many others. Our mission is to build superior ovens for our clientele and to introduce the culture of an Italian cooking style – we take our mission to heart and stand behind each and every oven we build here at the Forno Classico Studio Factory. 

Purchase my oven more than 5 years ago. I use it all of the time. A very discriminating friend who spends much time in Italy says that I make the best pizza he had tasted outside of Italy! Besides this, meats, bread and even baked oysters! Amazing piece of artwork! But the best part is that it brings family and friends together! Everyone wants to come to have pizza with me. If you are considering an italian pizza oven, Forno Classico has no rival, and I shopped far and wide!

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Raise your cooking performance to the next level with a Forno Classico wood, gas or hybrid-fired commercial pizza oven — it’s the start of something wonderful. Forno Classico Studio Factory built pizza ovens combine authentic traditional Italian craftsmanship with the most advanced engineering in temperature control to create exceptional cooking, roasting, and baking. Our pizza oven’s performance and artisanship is unparalleled among our competitors.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

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Start your fabulous Italian lifestyle today by installing a Forno Classico outdoor pizza oven in your home or outdoors for an al fresco dining experience every day! At Forno Classico we put friends and family together for an authentic Italian experience that will inspire your passion for cooking. Our Studio Factory built pizza ovens are beautiful with cooking performance that you’ll come to love.  Celebrate your cooking life and enjoy hot, delicious homemade pizza and so much more in your own handmade Italian-designed brick pizza oven. Bravo!

 Forno Classico  Mosaic Tile

Custom Mosaic Design 


Outdoor Pizza Ovens
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Unique  Features


Experience a New Way to Cook

Cooking in a Forno Classico Pizza Oven allows you to slow down and reconnect with food


Low Dome Brick Construction

Handmade brick pizza oven floor and low oven dome create a high performance cooking environment

Personalize Your Design

Each of our pizza ovens is made by hand so we can incorporate your restaurant name into the design


Forno Classico is NSF & CSA Approved

Our pizza ovens are certified by the NSF and CSA to adhere to restaurant codes throughout the US and Canada

Saitation Canadan

Forno Classico Cupola Residential Pizza Oven 

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Forno Classico Brick Pizza Ovens

Handmade In California – Italian Design

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