Forno Classico Gas Burner (Adjustable)

Inspirator Calibration

Forno Classico Gas Burner. The main function of the inspirator is to allow fresh air to mix with all the gas before it enters the nozzle of the burner. The amount of air that is mixed with the gas governs how the flame will burn. the correct adjustment of the air/gas mixture is critical to achieving a suitable flame.

After Preheating is completed, adjust the Air/Gas disc on the inspirator to achieve the following flame characteristics:

  • For the Tube burner, the flame should reach the roof of the oven.
  • For Natural Gas, all flames should be blue at the base with light yellow tails.
  • For Propane or LPG, the flame will be mostly light yellow. The Air/Gas mixture disc will need to be nearly fully open for Propane. (Deep yellow to orange is NOT correct and will deposit soot on the roof of the oven). Italian Brick Ovens.
Forno Classico Gas Burner


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