Our Gas Burner System

Alimentation Gas

The gas has become a professional tool that can help, without the need of control, to keep the preferred temperature without fatigue.

How is gas incorporated into the Forno Classico oven?

The Forno Classico Burner is placed under the floor of the oven. The diffuser is built to withstand high temperatures. When purchasing specify power as the speaker runs on natural gas or LPG. Gas diffuser “EASY” double flame. Grilling is easy, convenient and fast. The waiting times are minimal. The oven is always illuminated with one of the two flames always on. Two flames better than one. The second comes on when needed, automatically!

Fully Automatic, “EASY” Control

EASY Control is the control panel that automatically frees the operator from the control. The temperature remains constant even in the busiest of clients. The heat is dosed according to the quantity of pizzas to be cooked; quite a saving management.


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