How Your Wood Burning Oven Works

In a home gas oven or grill, the element of “radiative” heat seems to be miserably deficient in comparison to a Neapolitan oven; hence, the home oven or grill mainly depends on “convection” and “conduction” heat to bake a pizza on a pizza stone that is situated above the source of heat.

In light of this particular observation, I can see the importance of Giuseppe’s and the Neapolitan gentleman’s statements, respectively: “It is the flame that should bake the pizza. A gas oven or grill can’t make pizza napoletana” and “Real pizza napoletana is done with flame, not just hot wood. Need Flame”.

Wood Pizza Oven Sources

    • “Convection Heat” through the extant air inside the oven
    • “Conduction Heat” through the oven floor (mainly responsible for heating the base of pizza)

“Radiative Heat” principally from the light of fire (mainly responsible for heating the face of pizza).


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