Move Your Oven

How to Move Your Oven

Now that you have uncrated and accepted delivery of your oven, you’re ready to formalize your installation space. Our ovens are heavy — they range from 1,000 to 3,000 pounds so it is necessary to move them with a crane, hydraulic lift, or forklift. Make arrangements prior to your oven delivery to coordinate moving your pizza oven into your location.An engine hoist, forklift, crane, or similar equipment is required to install the oven onto the counter or stand. Your pizza oven will be sitting on a plywood pallet specifically built to ship your oven. The best way to lift the oven is to have the operator use either straps or forks and insert them under the oven:

  • Feed the straps, or forks through the pallet and under the oven
  • Use a spreader and make the strap as tight, or loose, as needed on the edge of the oven
  • Position the straps on the oven corners to best reduce pressure on the stucco or mosaic tile
  • Orient the bar back to front and extend past the oven’s rear/hearth to lift the oven from the pallet
  • Protect the oven during the move by carefully covering it with a furniture moving blanket or large piece of heavy duty fabric — this will prevent any damage to the exterior of the oven as you move it

Block of Ice Oven Placement

If your oven placement is on a countertop, or a flat surface area, you can use ice to help situate and place your pizza oven evenly and in the correct position:

  • Place 4 equal-sized blocks of ice on the counter with two in the front closest to the edge and two near the center of the oven so that you can clear the straps, or forks
  • Measure your pizza oven clearance to be sure the oven is accurately placed and squared to the area
  • Line up your pizza oven up to the counter’s front edge and off-set the oven, if needed, to account for any exterior finish work, or facing you may be installing at the base of the oven
  • Lower the oven onto the blocks of ice
  • Relieve the tension on the straps by dropping the spreader bar a few inches — unlatch them from the bar and remove
  • Adjust the oven carefully so that it is positioned straight
  • Allow the ice to melt which will slowly settle the oven on to your countertop base


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